Permission given from Mrs. Veronica Keen on 20.05.2014 for publication.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Message from Montague on 27 July 2014

My friends, every day you become more awake and aware of your own power. You are now seeing for yourselves how things changed when you began the work on the ley lines. I cannot stipulate enough the importance of releasing this ENERGY. Please continue and intensify this work as it is your SALVATION. The evidence of this is everywhere. Know that the Cabal's inability to start WW3 is due to your work on the ley lines, obelisks, and all such structures of control. You are becoming powerful beings of light once more. The Dark extinguised your light, but through your energy work, you are removing the dark controls that bound you to them. Now, every day, you cut more chains and remove more blocks. Through this work, you will reinstate a world of love and peace for all. Every country will be part of this great awakening and the coming together of humanity. 1 August is LUGHNASAD. I ask that you put special effort into your ley line work on that day. YOU ARE WINNING THE WAR OF LIGHT OVER DARK. Keep up the momentum and all wars will cease and justice will be restored.

There are those among you who are so locked into the 3D mentality that FEAR keeps them imprisoned in it. They lash out at all who advocate light and love. They try to gather other 3D people around them. They attack those who wish to progress into the light. They take a grain of truth, embellish it with all the darkness within them, and use it in an effort to destroy the inevitable. They should know that the light will not, and cannot, be extinguished. The great change will happen in spite of these lost souls.

Everything, and I mean everything, will change. Nothing in your lives will be the same after the Transition. For this, you need to prepare, and equip yourselves with as much information as possible, so that you will not be floundering in darkness when the dark falls. Greater minds than Veronica decided that Centres are needed, in order to provide help and guidance to humanity. I, myself, and some of the greatest minds who have walked the Earth, have come together to work with her in order to assist humanity. Veronica knows our plans. She agreed to work with us before returning to Earth. The Dark Cabal is using everything in its power to prevent this happening. They can no longer hide what they are doing. Think for a moment what she is up against. She was attacked again, last week. We have to constantly increase her protection. She made a commitment to help rescue humanity and that is what she intends to do. She is not alone. There are many throughout your world, though you may not be aware of them yet. Each is working towards the same end. So instead of criticising, you should look into your own hearts and ask how you can help to rescue humanity and this beautiful planet.

Every day, you witness the massacre of the innocent, but you do nothing to stop it. Do you not think that, one day, they will come to your door? Who will speak up for you? Every one of you is a PALESTINIAN. That is just a label. It is humanity that is being killed off. Yet you are standing by, closing your eyes to it. If you want platitudes from heaven, then you have come to the wrong site. Our purpose is to create a better world for all.

Through our Centres we can do just that. To those who have donated, we extend our grateful thanks. You are the ones who want a better world and are prepared to take the steps to make it happen. It is necessary to come together as one and become the power. You are the 99%. You decide what you want and together you can create it. When thought and emotion come together, you can make it happen. Believe in yourselves, not the puppets who pretend to be "in power". They all answer to the ONE CONTROLLING POWER.

IT IS TIME FOR ALL THOSE GAMES TO STOP. Truth must be revealed. Then, mankind can come together in the light. Once you overcome FEAR, you can step into your own innate power where nothing can stop you. So be brave. Forget all that has divided you which has been man-made to reduce your power. The Dark's greatest FEAR is humanity coming together and realising who they are: a real power to be reckoned with. The Dark will disappear in a flash when this happens, for they fear you. Together, you have nothing to fear from them, as without your support they are helpless. Have the courage of your convictions and stand together.

Life is very tough for Veronica. Please send love and light. We ask a lot of her and she gives without question. Those on Earth right now, with missions to fulfill, are all going through difficult times. There is a massive power struggle happening: the Light versus the Dark. The Dark will fight to the bitter end for its survival. They do not care who or what they destroy in the process. THIS IS THE END GAME.

My dear, they are trying to cause confusion around you. Do not buy into it. What is meant to happen will happen, and in your soul, you know that.

Always at your side, your adoring, Monty.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Message from Montague on 20 July 2014

The Awakening is now preventing the Cabal from being successful with its FALSE Montague FLAG OPERATIONS. 
The majority of the population now sees these staged events for what they are. They will not work any more, no matter how convincing they may appear. That formula can never work again.

All their efforts to start World War III have been exposed and they will continue to be exposed. Humanity has moved on from gullibly believing all that it is told on television and in the newspapers. 
The so-called experts are wasting their time trying to convince the awakened to believe their lies. Those days are over.

These next few weeks are of great importance. Much can happen. Open your hearts and welcome the light, as it will change everything for the better. Once you see the past and how controlled you were; how they destroyed your quality of life, you will have no more fear. Rather, you will look on those who controlled you with pity and you will wonder how you could ever have accepted them as superior to you.

Everything in your lives will change, nothing will remain the same. 
Those of you who are prepared, will be fine. But those who have not prepared, will be in distress. These are the ones that will need your help.

Our Centres will provide such help. They will have people who will help everyone to make the transition. We have asked for help to set up the first one. Unfortunately, we have to use the Cabal's monetary system to 
provide the funds required to purchase the Centre. People will be taught how to live without the Cabal's control system, to which you have become so accustomed. You need to help the change to happen as quickly as possible, so that the killings stop. It is all in your hands. So prepare to move forward, out of the 3D reality that controls every aspect of your lives. Every legal paper is telling you that you are nothing: nobody. You do not own your house, you do not own your car. Read the documents that you blindly accept and sign. These should tell you that all is not as you believed and hoped it to be. You have been fooled, lied to, and deceived. You need to wake up to all this and take the right steps to change it.

Through our Centres, we will guide you through the mire of deception. 
I ask that you help to make them happen, as they will benefit all who seek truth and light. So many wonderful people have offered to help at the Centres. They have studied the necessary disciplines that will provide information on how to grow food and provide free energy; the ability to survive the disasters which you are now trying to cope with. 

Come together and go forward into the Age of Light and Love.

The Vatican is facing the end of its rule. It cannot be allowed to survive. Surely by now, everyone has opened their eyes to the TRUTH. 
It is responsible for forcing so many to live and die in FEAR. It has destroyed so many lives.

The ancient religion of love, practised in Ireland before Vatican rule, will surface again, and people will embrace it and live in peace.

You, each one of you, is now responsible for creating the future you wish to see. No more lies: everything out in the open, completely transparent, as it always should have been.

Take responsibility and make it happen. It is in your hands, as you are the architects of the future you wish to see. Prepare for the demise of the old system of control. Make a pledge to your children and all future generations that you will take all the necessary steps to assist the transition, and that you will no longer assist, or pay lip-service, to the corrupt control system that now binds you.

I promise you, your future is beyond your wildest dreams! It is all there, waiting for you to take the necessary steps to make it happen. 

So believe in yourselves. You can make it happen.

You find yourselves at a crossroad where a decision must be made: do you stick with the 3D controlled thinking, or step into a brighter future with confidence, in the sure knowledge that any assistance you may need to create a better world for all, is right there waiting for you to take the next steps.

There can be no standing on the sidelines, as a decision has to be made, and made soon. The progression into the light cannot be delayed. 

Step out of the FEAR and move forward, or remain in the fear of life itself, and continue an existence, possibly worse than you have experienced up till now, for it would be without light.

Think carefully of your options before making a decision. Veronica and I have endeavoured to show you the choices but the decision is yours.

Please keep up your splendid work on the ley lines. One day, you will realise the importance of this work which will open many doors for you.

My dear, your workload increases each day. You bear a heavy load. 
You know in your soul that your mission will succeed, for you were shown the end results.

My love constantly surrounds you. You are never alone.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

NB. Monty has just reminded me that I forgot to add what he had written to thank all who have donated.

Both sides of life wish to extend our deep gratitude to all those who have donated towards the purchase of our first Centre. All the names will be written on the wall so that they will never be forgotten. 
They made it happen. They have taken the first steps into a better future.

Thank you

Monday, July 14, 2014


Message from Montague on 13 July 2014

Veronica, the response we got from the people of the world to our request for help to create our first Centre was wonderful. It provides a reason for people to come together as one, to make the start needed to create the world that they would wish to live in. It is time to make a conscious decision to withdraw from the corruption, and to refuse to pay lip-service to it anymore. Together, you have decided you no longer wish to be poisoned by the water you are forced to drink, the food from which all the goodness has been removed, and the air you breath, which is poisoned by chemicals for which you pay through your taxes.

Our dream is to have a Centre in every country where the EXPERTS will come and work together, to share information and research, and advise humanity. We have found the building that is perfect for the first Centre, and with your generous help, we will acquire it as soon as possible. [We now have half the money for the deposit. THIS IS REFUNDABLE.] When people come together and set their intentions, nothing can stop them.

You have decided to say NO to WAR, or killing of any sort, whether through medication or any of the other practices used to curtail life on Earth. The quality of life on Earth is at its lowest ebb. Those who control your planet can no longer hide what they are doing. It is all out in the open now. Do not assist them to continue these practices. You will come together, to learn how to live on Earth without hindrance from any of the dark forces of evil. You have awakened to their plans and you do not wish to be part of them. Awakening is not an easy process, so be patient with those who find it frightening to wake up to the fact that they unknowingly assisting in the destruction of humanity and planet Earth. All the steps needed to move forward have been researched, and experts are ready to share their expertise in so many disciplines. It is all coming together as it should. The sooner the Centre in Ireland happens, the sooner other Centres in other countries will happen. Please give so that we can start the process of recovery.

When there is sufficient light our two worlds will come together to remove every last vestige of the corruption. Veronica has met those of us within the network, of which I am one. There are 12 of us, and we are the greatest minds who ever walked the Earth. We are ready and excited to work alongside you. You will see and speak with us at designated Centres. Our plans are great and we intend to succeed. All that is happening now has been planned for many years. This is why I had to leave Veronica and go to spirit, so that together, we could bring these plans to fruition. This is the year to take a massive leap forward, so do not be found wanting. Make this happen. Planet Earth needs to survive. Humanity must thrive and prosper. Look to the future and refuse to be part of the destruction of humanity anymore.

This is a battle between the Light and the Dark. You have to decide which side you are on. Sitting on the fence is not possible. There is more than enough information available to enable you to come to a decision. Do you want to remain in a 3-D world, struggling for survival, or do you wish to progress to a higher dimension; a world of peace and harmony with full consciousness?

All that was removed from you, in order to control you, will be reactivated. You will once more be complete beings of light, living in harmony with each other. We in Spirit, have worked hard with you to bring this about. You know that timing is important. Windows of opportunity are created so that you can take the steps necessary to ascend to a higher dimension. The time is NOW. Think seriously about your future and the future of those for whom you are responsible. Help us to start this process through our Centres.

Veronica has received requests to set up Centres in various countries. She has been advised that it must begin in Ireland. Yes, every country in your world will have one. It is necessary to UN-LEARN all that you have been taught. All that was designed to control and confuse you, and to make make you servile, and frightened to question what you see as authority. For example, you were taught that everything started in the EAST. It most certainly did not. It started in the WEST and went East. Those who perpetrated such lies must now answer to the people they set out to deceive. You are now living through the biggest learning curve of your existence. Connect with the light for guidance.

There are those who tell you that you do not need to do anything. This is not true. They are being mislead and so are unknowingly misleading others. In your hearts and souls, you know the truth. This is what you must connect with. In meditation, your guides will help you through this process. 

The Irish are the most sinned against race on Earth. When they wake up, the whole world will wake up with them. It is vital that it starts there. The Irish, everywhere in the world, will resonate with this. The energy of your world is controlled from there. This is just one of the reasons why it must start there. When this energy is released it will benefit every country. My wife understands this clearly and she knows what to do. I have been instructing her on this for ten years. She has people around her who will assist. We had to wait until the timing was right. Now, with your assistance, we can make it happen.

The Dark Ones are trying to prevent this. They are using vulnerable people in an effort to prevent this happening. The dark have done just that throughout history. Are you going to fall for it yet again? You are at the crossroad. You have to make a choice. Which road do you choose to go down. Standing still is not an option. Please give this serious thought. 

We hope sufficient funds will be provided in order to buy our first Centre within the next seven weeks. (The deposit must be paid within 2 weeks, as others are also bidding for it. This deposit is REFUNDABLE.)

The DARK ONES are doing their utmost to prevent us from creating our Centre. The decision is yours: do you want this to go ahead? Together, we will create a future without wars; with food, water, and air that is pure and wholesome. There will be homes and education for all the people of the Earth. This is our dream. You can make it come true.

My love, we appreciate all that you do, to try to bring this about. The right people will be there to assist. This awakening cannot be stopped. We will succeed, my love.

Your adoring, Monty.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Message from Montague on 6 July 2014

It is not easy for me to ask my dear wife to leave the house we shared together. It is a house in which we knew great happiness. To leave her family and go to Ireland to work on your behalf. It takes high energy beings to work on the blocked energy. The reason her visits to Tara have been so successful is because she and three others were involved. They used their own energy to release what has been blocked for hundreds of years. This work is of the greatest importance to humanity. Everything will change when all the natural energy is released. It will expose the Dark Ones and make living on Earth very difficult for them and all who oppose you.

On the 26 June, Veronica, D and M, set off to view a possible Centre. They had no idea that it would indeed be perfect. It is on a direct line from Uisneach and Tara. This ensures wonderful energy. They were very excited with their find, which they were guided to, of course. This would facilitate working at both Tara and Uisneach on a regular basis.

Veronica needs funding in order to acquire this building and to make it into a Centre, our first Centre. We ask that you please consider helping Veronica to buy it. It is in the interest of humanity that this be established as soon as possible. Should Veronica not meet the deadline established by the vendor then we will lose what would be a valuable asset for the Foundation. The cost is 420,000 Euros. This can be done if those of you in each country decide to make it happen, for it will be of benefit to all.

There is chaos in your world. Everyone is having a hard time trying to survive. Dark energy is being widely used to cause stress, fear and confusion. The attacks on those such as Veronica, who endeavour to expose the truth, are stepping up. Be aware that you are only one among many others, should you experience this problem. The Dark Ones are in fear as too much light is being released. They cannot survive in it, so they are becoming desperate. They will lash out at all those who shed light on their dark deeds. This is why you must support each other. No one is safe from attack. They do not see you as equal to them, so they dispose of you without a second thought. Be proud to stand for truth, honour and justice for all. Their dark deeds are being exposed and they have nowhere to hide, so they brazen it out in the hope that you may forget what they have done.

The amount of confusing information is on the increase, so be discerning. Know who you can trust. If it sounds too good to be true, then recognise that this is indeed the case. The Shift is not going to be easy but every assistance will be given to guide humanity through these difficult times into the light. This is your year. Give all the energy you possibly can, to enable the light to remove all that is dark. Do not look to others to do this for you. Every one of you needs to take responsibility. Make plans to work together, for when you stand together, everything is possible.

The Cabal continues to dream up new ways to create FEAR. Do not fall for it. Check all the details before you accept what is being broadcast on your TVs, etc. Remember, they have many times in the past killed their own, in order to ensure that you believe you are under attack. Keep calm at all times. Consider carefully the "story" that they are trying to force on you. You are more awakened now, so you are able to make a mature appraisal of what is being said. Refuse to be dragged into the STRESS which the Cabal is creating. You are not being attacked by outside forces: they just want you to believe that you are.

Please make informed decisions on all the food that you put into your bodies. Do the best you can to get good wholesome food when possible. Try to keep to natural foods and medicines as much as you can. It is easy to look up all the advice you may need. Our Centres will make this sort of information available for everyone. Respect your body. It is the temple of your soul.

I ask that you now read Veronicas plea for funds for the Centre. I have helped her to write this. You must all have a hand in the changes you wish to see. Veronica has given ten years of her life to work with me, in order to inform you, and help you to see the light. You can make our dreams come true with the release of all the energy that will enable humanity to live in peace together. There will be no more wars or divisions of any sort.


5 July 2014

For humanity to survive it is necessary for me to move to Ireland. I am requested by Monty and the world of spirit to move to Ireland. The blocked energies in Ireland control our world. They must be released. Ireland is the key that will unlock everything.
I have lived in England for 55 years, so this is a huge step for me. It will mean moving away from my three children and five grandchildren. My mission requires me to do this. I do not have money and I do not own the house I live in. So I need your help to buy a Centre in Ireland.

On my last visit to Ireland we found the perfect building for this project. It is in a direct line from Tara and Uisneach. Its ENERGY is incredible. It is perfect in every way.

I ask you to please contribute in any way that you can. No amount is too small. Together, we can make this happen. Time is of the essence. I have 9 weeks to find the deposit of 40,000 Euros. Everyone who contributes will be acknowledged; their names will appear on a plaque in the entrance to the Centre.

We are creating our future. A future without the corruption that has destroyed our world and almost destroyed humanity itself. We are now fighting for our survival. The blocked energy must be released.

My friends and I had great success at Tara on the 26 May and the 23 June. This must continue. There are forces amongst us whose only objective is to cull humanity and to destroy all that humanity needs to survive. We cannot sit back and allow this to be done to us. Every day more evidence of this is exposed and we are shocked that this has happened without our knowledge. This is our opportunity to take control and to allow the light to penetrate, expose and remove all that is dark and corrupt.

Please help me do this.

With love and light, Veronica.

Believe in yourselves. You can do it.

My dear, rise above all that is done to you, as it will not go on forever.

Always, your adoring, Monty.